Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ellie after her bath

I am such a silly girl. Before my picture today I decided to play in my food so I had to take a bath. I'm not a big fan of baths. As you can see, I'm still a little wet! That's what I get for being a dirty girl! But I look innocent enough, don't I? I'm cute enough to get away with anything, right?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Look at me grow!!!

This is me at 4 weeks old. My mommy loves me so much! And I'm not even home with her yet. She's already raided the clearance cart at PetSmart twice buying me new chewies for when I come home with her. I don't understand why she's spending all that money! I'm sure she has some shoes that will do nicely, maybe a pair of Manolo's? And I learned I have an uncle. His name is Bernie, he is a black springer spaniel, but he is dying of cancer. I guess mommie wants me to help take care of him and he's supposed to teach me to be good before he dies. Mommy promises me he's not in any pain...anyways, I know he'll feel better once he meets me, who wouldn't? I'm too cute!

I am a pretty princess!

I am now three weeks old. Such a pretty princess am I! I was adopted by my new mommy on April 25th. I am very excited to go home with her, but for now I have to stay with my brothers and sisters until I am a little bit bigger. Ha! Bigger! We'll show her. I may be little now, but I'm going to be a big girl. A beautiful pretty princess...mmm is that dinner I smell???

Ellie is born!

Hello, my name is Ellie. I was born on April 2, 2006. I am a white boxer. I am a week old and I have just opened my eyes. My favorite pasttime so far is lounging around and eating and sleeping too. I also LOVE playtime! I like looking at my brothers and sisters because they're so funny looking. Do I look that funny?