Saturday, July 01, 2006

To Grandmother's House We Go...

Well, tomorrow, Mommy and I are headed to grandma's house for the holiday. I am very excited to see my Uncle Bernie and play with him. I hope he remembers me and wants to play. I've learned not to bite his feet like I used to, so maybe he'll want to play more with me, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Mommy says that he just got a haircut and that always puts him in a good mood, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I don't know what he'll think of me now that I've grown up some. Who couldn't resist my cute face though? Wouldn't you all agree? You'd want to play with me, right?
Yesterday, I had an interesting experience.
Mommy let me outside to go pee pee and when I got to my spot I started to take care of business. I realized about half way through that I was getting very, very wet. But this didn't make sense because the sun was shining and there were no clouds. I looked around and found these funny little black things sticking out of the ground that spray water everywhere. Mommy called them sprinklers. They sure were fun, but what surprise! Talk about getting caught with your pants down!
Well, on a final note before I head out, I wanted to leave you with some cute pictures of me. Mommy promises to take lots, but I may not be able to get on the computer as much as I like while at Grandma's house (she has really slow internet that's really irritating...). So if you don't hear from me for awhile, know that I will return!
Happy Fourth of July!
God Bless Our Troops!
God Bless America!

Remember how little I was? I sure have gotten a lot bgigger!
Inspecting the kibble...this is the kitchen floor, before Mommy had issues.

And of in my favorite chair. Chillin'

Friday, June 30, 2006

Mommy's Insane

Hello My friends!

So I probably haven't told you that Mommy has really bad hip problems. She has been to many doctors to try to fix it, and she is seeing a new one (who is also a good friend of hers) named Dr. Jeff.

Well Dr. Jeff put Mommy on some weird pills and she has wanted to play all the time. Phew, she is wearing me out. The other night she only let me sleep for two hours before she woke me up to play again.

Luckily, she rewarded me with a trip to Petsmart! Yay! I got to see all my friends and I even made a special pee pee on the floor. Then, while Mommy was talking to my trainer, I snuck around the corner and brought back this great big toy! They laughed because it's as big as me! But I dropped it at Mommy's feet and gave her the magic eyes and she bought it for me.

Good thing too, because yesterday she woke up before the sun and spent all day retiling our kitchen floor. This is a picture of her hard work! It's a lot prettier in person (of course, anything's better than yellow linoleoum!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ellie Goes Swimming

Hi All...well Mommy took her camera to the park with us today, but the quality came out a little crappy. Sorry about that, we'll work to make it better next time...but at least you get to see me in action! Mommy tried to make me go swimming, but it was cooling off by the time we got to the park so I didn't go in very far.

After swimming, Mommy tried to get me to run around the field and play with some other doggies. You notice my response to leaving Mommy?

More of me in the park...being my usual spazzy self.

After playing in the water, I met Miko. He's a boxer like me only Brindle. He was a rescue and is about 2 years old. He's very handsome don't you think? I hope he's at the bark park often! I would like to play with him again!

Too Dog Gone Hot!!

So of course I decided to nap the morning away in my favorite chair while Mommy waxed the car.

And I have conquered at last!!
It has been too Dog Gone Hot the last couple of nights. We don't have A/C in our house because it's not supposed to get that hot in MT but it's been HOT HOT HOT! So Mommy put me on the bed to sleep so I can be by the fan and stay cool!

Mommy says this is a temporary situation, but I'm working the charm and being a good cuddle puppy. I don't think she'll be able to make me sleep in my crate anymore. Afterall, I'm just too cute!!!

Oh ya...and Mommy says I may get to go swimming when we go to the dog park later! Woohoo! I'll try to talk her into shooting some video!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ahhh!! What a weekend!

First I took a nap in my new favorite chair. Mommy was hard at work
and from this chair, I can keep a good eye on her!
Saturday, I went to Puppy Preschool and played with my friend Gretchen. She helped me clean the hotdog off my face that Mommy gave me as treats. Gretchen and I now know how to sit, lay down, take it, leave it and walk on a loose leash...and after only two classes!!!

Sunday morning I slept in. I crept into Mommy's bed while she was in the shower. You know, it's much more comfortable than that bathmat I was laying on. I wish someone would have let me know sooner! Of course, I fell asleep and got caught when Mommy got out!

And of course...we've learned that no weekend of mine would be complete without a trip to the dogpark followed by this awful thing Mommy calls a bath. My friend Cairo tells me I need to find away for Mommy to just let me stay dirty...the problem is Mommy thinks I'm clean then she gives me a bath and sees all that dirty water and wants to give me more baths!

What's a girls to do???

Happy Monday All!