Monday, January 08, 2007

Ode to Bernie!

My Uncle Bernie is not doing so well, again...
Last night he jumped off the couch at my grandparents' house and his back legs gave out. Then he had an accident on the floor. Grandma said that it only took a minute for him to be okay but it was kinda scary! Today he's sleeping lots and taking it easy with grandpa. Speaking of grandpa... the people vet told him today that he has to have surgery on his neck next Tuesday. Mommy told me to tell you all he has "a herniated disk between his 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae". I hate it when Mommy gets technical! Mommy is very sad and wants us to go down to UT but we have to see what the weather does. Sometimes snow is not good!
But today is about Bernie!
Bernie has always liked sleeping on Mommy's bed. It's his favorite place and he only gets to sleep there when Mommy goes to see him so it's a special treat! Except when I harrass him, then he likes to sleep on the couch.

Bernie is always keen on what's going on in the kitchen. He loves cheese. Any kind of cheese. And he knows when you've got it regardless of where he is in the house. He will come a runnin' at the slightest nasal tingle of cheese!
Bernie used to have the nickname "snow plow" because of how he played in the snow which he likes just like me. Only you can see him in the snow. He runs out in the early morning and "plows" the sidewalk for grandma and seen above. They haven't had much snow this year; this picture is from last year when Bernie was doing a little better.
Bernie also like to snuggle under the blankets, particularly if a bath has just taken place. He buries himself in the blankets then pokes his head out to amke sure he doesn't miss anything...or is it so he can keep his eye on me.
Bernie loves grandpa! They have a special petting spot on the stairs where grandpa pets him every night when he gets home from work. Grandpa also loves Bernie and when Bernie lived with Mommy last year, Grandpa was sad cause he missed Bernie. They've been good company for each other while they've been sick/hurt. Hopefully they both get better soon.

Get well soon Uncle Bernie!