Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Into the Woods

Yay for puppydom!

I got to go with Mommy yesterday and her Army friends to the woods. I'd never been to the woods before. Mommy took me and we set up a little campfire and then her friends spied on us. They called it "recon", but I say they were spying. Mommy's friends were being graded on how well they spied on us, and Mommy said they did really good! Yay! I was quiet and didn't even bark when I saw them sneaking up on us. I didn't want to give their positions away! Hee, hee. Plus, Mommy kept giving me lots of treats and some of her friends (the ones who were grading) would come over and pet me. I like petting! And everyone kept telling Mommy how cute I am! I liked that part too. But silly Mommy forgot to charge her camera batteries but she says not to worry...we'll be going back to the woods soon and she'll be sure to get some pictures for all of you!

Then, when we were on our way home, Mommy gave me a big surprise! We stopped at my favorite puppy bakery for treats because she said I was such a good puppy! Yay! I like the white chocolate dipped peanut butter ones myself. mmmm...yummy in Ellie's tummy!