Sunday, July 30, 2006

at grandma's house

The first matter of business is to keep Uncle Bernie away from my food. He loves the taste of my salmon and bison meal food. Of course, what puppy wouldn't? Poor Uncle Bernie...he has to be on yucky diet dog food because he's gotten a little thick around the middle.

I love to eat grandma's flowers. They're super tasty and a light salad is the perfect thing to maintain my wonderfully girlish figure! Perhaps if Bernie ate more flowers he would be allowed to eat yummier food.

Of course every puppy needs an afternoon post-lunch nap, and I prefer to take mine on the stairs so I can be sure to not miss anything that might happen while I'm snoozing.

Uncle Bernie and I are always well behaved but we bust out our best moves when Mommy busts out the yogurt drops or freeze dried salmon snacks. MMM...time to go earn more treats, and harrass Bernie of course!