Friday, October 27, 2006

My busy life...

My new favorite thing is going for rides. I've always liked going for rides but since I got my doggie seatbelt, I love it sooo much more.
Now that I'm a big girl, I can see out the window and watch all the cars with other doggies go by. What's not to love???
Mommy has been very busy lately (and rudely taking my laptop to school with her so I can't log on) so I haven't been around for a while. But there have been some rewards to her neglect. For example, the pretty red collar that I got last week after puppy kindergarten.
And Mommy has been very generous with the bison bones lately too! I chew on them all day and it makes me very very happy!
Nubbily Wiggles to all...and have a great weekend! I will steal the laptop and write again soon!