Monday, April 09, 2007

Where's Ellie?

Hi everyone!
This is Ellie's Mommy.
I apologize for hogging the computer from Ellie the last little bit. I have been busily working on my thesis to try to graduate at the end of the semester. I also have been desperately trying to keep my head on straight with all of my army stuff. And then with work and classes and all the running around with puppy, Ellie just hasn't gotten her paws on the laptop recently. She's been very busy with her hikes. She went today and loved the mud from the downpour of rain we got early this morning. She misses you all and will be back soon! In the meantime, she's doing her best to stay up to date on all your blogs and you can always keep in her touch with by email!
For now, she's snoring and dreaming of her favorite dirt pile and
yummy budding flowers to chase and eat!
Ellie's Mommy