Thursday, July 27, 2006

We're Having' a Heat Wave

A Heat Wave blew into town last week...
Came from the isle of Martinique....

The only good thing to do during a heat wave is to sleep through it...

And on the odd occasion when you have to wake up,
Make sure to strategically place yourself in front of a fan!

At first I didn't like the way the fan blew my ears...but I decided it was better to have my ears blown than to be so doggone hot! Oh ya...and don't forget to bring a snack! I chose my favorite pigs ear!

And get your Mommy to feed you ice cubes.
It took some time, but I figured out the best way to hold 'em so I don't have to chase them all over the floor. Mommy started by putting them in my water bowl, but I just kept taking them out Mmm...Mommy loves me because she gives me lots and lots of ice cubes.

Tomorrow is a big day, too! I get to go back to my grandparents house and see Uncle Bernie. I'm very excited...and after perfecting our play technique, we are perfecting how much we can harrass grandma! Woohoo!

And thanks to everyone who sent Mommy notes to cheer her up!
Mommy is happy again!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

AHEM! Let me clear my throat!

Hello all! I need to express some thoughts on the following subjects...

No matter what Mommy insists, I do not snore. I am a beautiful, peaceful sleeper and sometime I cuddle too much, but I do NOT snore!!! This particular morning Mommy caught me back in her bed when she got out of the shower. I was sound asleep. Oh...and about that noise I make when she's gone...I believe they call it a "woo woo", well I've learned how to "woo woo" and Mommy thinks it's really funny. She's been sad this week so I "woo woo" for her to cheer me up and then she takes me to the dog park to hang out with our friends!

Do not let the tennis ball fool, you...I'm not that's that small! The ball is "puppy sized". And while I'm speaking my mind on things I might as well ask? What is so fun about you throwing a ball and me constantly chasing after it??? And if you throw it, why should I bring it back to you when I just know you're going to throw it again???

Attention all Mommies: if you leave toys where puppies can get them, we will take the initiative to play with them. Mommy got me this new rope toy for the beach, but when we got there it wasn't in the beach bag...I stole it out before we left and had flung behind the couch so she wouldn't notice.

Next...whey do I have to be clean??? I'm a puppy. To be dirty or not to be dirty is not the question! This was after we returned from the lake yesterday! Mommy and I were both covered in dirt guessed it...weekend bath time! At least the lake was fun!


I must say a word to the inconsiderate, to the rude, and to the cowardly...and in particular to the male half of the human species that fall in one or more of these categories!
It makes me really mad when Mommy is upset. If you are going to upset her...don't. I'm getting to be a big puppy now and I will deal with you in my own due course! (Grrrr...) Why do you have to be so mean to my Mommy? If you can't be nice...stay away! She's a good Mommy and she spoils me and loves me! Maybe one day she'll find me a daddy who can be nice to me AND her.

And to everyone else...I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I'm off to chew on my bison bone! Woo hoo!