Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's hot, hot, hot!

Mommy has brought us back to Montana! And it's very, very hot. We have none of this thing called A/C so Mommy sets up a fan to keep me cool!
Ok, so I thought I could show you some pictures of me panting away this heat wave, but I had a better idea...I thought I'd show you some pics from this time last year when we were also experiencing a horrible heat wave! I do love sitting in front of the fan to stay cool although I don't like the way it blows my ears!
I love to lick ice cubes! They're great this time of year. Mommy puts them in my water bowl and I love to "bob" for them. Sometimes I end up blowing bubbles in the water when I stick my nose under.
I've grown up an awful lot since this time last year... I just wish it was a little bit cooler.
I hope you all are a little bit cooler wherever you are in the world!