Monday, January 29, 2007

Go Fetch!

I have been a very gruff puppy! It's not that Mommy doesn't try to spend time with me...she's just been very very busy! We haven't gone to the bark park much or to Go Fetch! (my favorite store and puppy bakery).
The Army makes Mommy wake up very early these days...
so like a good puppy I wake up with her...
When Mommy gets home just after dawn, I start my day with a little in-house soccer. I love chasing my pretty pink soccer ball around the house! This is the part where Mommy has to go somewhere...that doesn't involve Ellie.
But today something new happened...

This green bus pulled up in front of our house!!!
I recognized it from when I visit my friend Scott at Go Fetch!
Could it be??? Oh yes!! The bus was here...for me!!
(Extreme nubbily wiggles!!)
And Steve was here to take me on a hike! I wiggled into my new coat and Mommy walked me out to the bus! (which was kinda scary at first cuz it was noisy). I was the first doggie to be picked up today, but Steve picked up lots of doggies. Then we all rode the bus up the canyon!
When we got out, all the doggies and I went hiking with Steve. I was a very good girl and stayed with the other doggies!
And I almost forgot to tell you who was on the bus with me...Nina!
She's the other white boxer in my town (there's only two of us)! I finally got to meet her. We are becoming good pals, as most boxers are!
So anyways...Steve lead us through the woods and we all ran around. It was great fun! So many smells, so many sights, and so many doggies to play with!

Of course...this pooped me out! So I came home and crashed on my bed and I'm ready for a good long nap! The good news! Mommy says I get to go again in a couple days! Woo hoo!

I can't wait to see Steve and all my new doggie friends again!
Mommy says she's sorry she's so busy and can't take me out to play as much but we still hang out around the house a lot. And I get lots of treats.

At first I was upset about this lack of attention...but with this new hiking business in my schedule, I may just forgive Mommy afterall!