Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ho ho ho and a naughty puppy! you all have wondered where I went! Remember awhile ago I told you Mommy took me to get my picture taken with a funny man in a red suit? And remember I said I had to wait to show it to you...well there it is!!! Me and Mommy and the fat man in the funny red clothes!

Well, I am afraid I have been a bad puppy and not been puppy blogging lately. Oh dear. Can I blame it all on Mommy? Well, I'll try.

First, since Mommy works at that mall place, life has been very very crazy since Thanksgiving. Luckily, the projectile vomiting has stopped and David coming to visit has not stopped. I like David. He is very nice to Mommy (which most of you know she deserves after the last bad male hooman...grrr)!!

So then came time for Mommy's monthly trip to see Grammy and Grampy and Uncle Bernie. She was so tired from all that work stuff that David drove us down and back. What a sweet guy. He has family down there too!

When we got back from Utah, Mommy had something new. Finals. I'm not sure what they are, but they made Mommy very tired and very grouchy. Oh yes, and she hogged the laptop a lot. Apparently, eating the papers Mommy scribbles on, is not a good idea. Apparently they were important. Bad Ellie!

So now finals are over! Woohoo! But Mommy says she has to work lots this week because it's right before Christmas. And she's sick too (but that means lots of cuddle time for me...when David is hogging her)! Oh ya. And at the end of the week Grammy and Grampy are coming to visit (Uncle Bernie is staying with my aunt Carly. Grammy said there's not enough room for all of us at my house...whatever!!!). I'm very excited. And big packages keep coming to the house with presents for Mommy...and some for me too! Mommy says I can't rip them open yet though! She spoils all my fun!

I don't know what this Christmas thing is all about, but I think I'm going to like it!

Nubbily Wiggles,

(p.s. how did I do blaming Mommy for my own laziness???)