Thursday, July 06, 2006

At my grandparents house...

Well, life at the grandparent's house is going well.

Me and Bernie like hanging out in the long garden. Bernie and I have become good buddies, but on the days he's not feeling good he doesn't want to play and sometimes he gets mad because I always want to play! See how big I am next to him! I'm just big enough to climb all over him which he doesn't really like but I don't care...I do it anyway!

Remember when I was this small?

This is me month later... in grandma's kitchen waiting for treats.

I have to guard my food from Bernie...he keeps trying to steal it from me. I get special food because I'm so skinny and Bernie thinks it's really good stuff, but he can't eat it or he'll get fat. Notice one eye on my food, the other on Bernie!

For a snack I attack the tomato plant and eat the leaves. Mmm...tasty! I also like to snack on dirt, rocks and Bernie's ears. Yummy!

To keep me from harrassing Bernie too much, Mommy and grandma keep giving me pig's ears to chew on. I love them! They taste super yummy! And I love to perch at the top of the stairs with my pig's ear and watch everything going on in the house. It's great place to not miss anything...and keep my eye on Uncle Bernie and make sure he's not stealing my toys!