Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's that?

This is Mommy's David.
He likes to kidnap Mommy's camera and take pictures of himself when she's not looking. So I decided I would post it on my blog. Isn't he handsome? Mommy sure thinks so. I guess he's not bad looking for a hooman. He takes good care of my Mommy so I like him.
Mommy has noticed I like to hide behind the living room chair and peer out at her, particularly after we come inside from the cold, cold, cold weather. So she decided to investigate what on earth I find so interesting back here...
Well, truth be told: it's the heat vent! It's nice and warm and toasty! Sometimes I like to let the warm air blow on my face. Sometimes I like to lay my body across the whole thing and get my belly warm! Mommy thinks this is silly...I think it's just good puppy sense!
Now Mommy thinks I'm small for my age (9 1/2 mos), so she would like to start a poll of all my readers. Please let us know your age, height at the withers (shoulder), and weight. Oh yes, and your breed if you're not a boxer. I'm curious how big or small everyone is, even if Mommy just wants to know about the boxer babies. As for me, well I'm about 50 lbs last time Mommy put me on the scale, but she has no idea how tall I am...I won't hold still that long.
No I don't know the command for stand. I simply refuse to learn it!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lazy Dawg Days of Winter

Puppy Alert! Flash is Home! Puppy Alert!
My friend Peanut's brother Flash, has found his way home. He's sleeping now but we're all glad he made it back to his family.
Check Peanut's blog for the updates!
Mommy and I have been taking it easy. This is the last week of her winter break before she goes back to school, and she wants to enjoy it! Luckily I get to enjoy it with her...

My new favorite past time is staring out the window. I like to look outside and watch the world pass me by. Sometimes I like to bark and growl too. This is a perfect activity for chewing a bone or dismembering a stuffed toy!

It's been very cold here! Sometimes at night the temp has been -15 below O. Then Mommy has to take me out very quickly and I wiggle under the pillow in my new bed to keep warm. I've also learned that I can wiggle under the covers on Mommy's bed. This keeps me warm at night when I cuddle next to Mommy and a warm puppy means a warm Mommy. I'm going to go find a heat vent to lie down by! It's the last of the lazy dawg days of winter...
PS: my grandpa goes in for surgery tomorrow so please keep your paws crossed that everything goes well for him.
Oh yes, and Bernie is doing much better too!