Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ho ho ho and a naughty puppy! you all have wondered where I went! Remember awhile ago I told you Mommy took me to get my picture taken with a funny man in a red suit? And remember I said I had to wait to show it to you...well there it is!!! Me and Mommy and the fat man in the funny red clothes!

Well, I am afraid I have been a bad puppy and not been puppy blogging lately. Oh dear. Can I blame it all on Mommy? Well, I'll try.

First, since Mommy works at that mall place, life has been very very crazy since Thanksgiving. Luckily, the projectile vomiting has stopped and David coming to visit has not stopped. I like David. He is very nice to Mommy (which most of you know she deserves after the last bad male hooman...grrr)!!

So then came time for Mommy's monthly trip to see Grammy and Grampy and Uncle Bernie. She was so tired from all that work stuff that David drove us down and back. What a sweet guy. He has family down there too!

When we got back from Utah, Mommy had something new. Finals. I'm not sure what they are, but they made Mommy very tired and very grouchy. Oh yes, and she hogged the laptop a lot. Apparently, eating the papers Mommy scribbles on, is not a good idea. Apparently they were important. Bad Ellie!

So now finals are over! Woohoo! But Mommy says she has to work lots this week because it's right before Christmas. And she's sick too (but that means lots of cuddle time for me...when David is hogging her)! Oh ya. And at the end of the week Grammy and Grampy are coming to visit (Uncle Bernie is staying with my aunt Carly. Grammy said there's not enough room for all of us at my house...whatever!!!). I'm very excited. And big packages keep coming to the house with presents for Mommy...and some for me too! Mommy says I can't rip them open yet though! She spoils all my fun!

I don't know what this Christmas thing is all about, but I think I'm going to like it!

Nubbily Wiggles,

(p.s. how did I do blaming Mommy for my own laziness???)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Let It Snow!!!

It snowed!!!
not much...but, it snowed!!!

Mommy took me outside and I ran around like a crazed puppy enjoying the snow and feeling the wet fluffy stuff in between my toes and burying my snout in it.
Then Mommy and I went for a walk down the trail by our house. I kept having to stop and wait for Mommy becuase she was slow. But I was a good puppy and didn't run too far ahead...mostly I just ran really big circles around her.
On our way home, I found these funny footprints in thes now and they lead to this grassy part where there was no snow. Mommy said that a deer must have been sleeping behind the house last night while it was snowing. Deer smell funny.
Thanksgiving was fun too. Although silly Mommy didn't get any pictures of it.
But I'll forgive her. First, a couple days ago, Mommy brought a new person (David) to the house. She doesn't do this very often because I don't like male hoomans very much...they're usually mean to my Mommy...grr... So, she went with David (whom I've decided to like) to somewhere and I didn't get to go. She said they had to have dinner with his family first. I was kinda put out about it. But then her and David came back. David played with me while Mommy cooked some stuff and then we went to see...
(and his Mommy Michelle and Daddy John)
There was another doggie there, too. He kept trying to do the nasty with my head. That was a new experience! Then, half way through dinner Mommy got really sick. She said it wasn't the food...I think she's too stressed!!! The girl needs to relax! So, David took Mommy home and she started projectile vomiting. I'm glad puppies can't do that! I was a good girl though, and layed at their feet while they watched a movie and Mommy tried not to be sick. Mommy went to bed early and...
...Now you know why there are no pictures of Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More things I've learned

As a growing puppy, I learn new things every day. I'd like to share some of them with you.

1. When Mommy comes home from work, it is important not to smell her feet. The aroma does not tickle my sniffer as I had hoped and Mommy laughs when I run away.

2. When Mommy disappears into the shower, it is important to check on her every few minutes to make sure she's still hiding behind that shower curtain thing. I wouldn't want to lose track of her.

3. Snow is slippery. If I run too fast, my legs fly out from under me and I land square on my little nub.

4. When Mommy goes swimming in the bathtub, large quantities of soft bubble things appear which are fun to lick and sniff. If I hold my nose under water, I can make bubbles myself. Exhale only. Inhaling is bad.

5. If I kill a toy, like my hedgehog (which I maimed and gutted earlier this week), Mommy buries it in the tall skinny can in the kitchen. It makes her upset when I whine, sulk and pout at the garbage can for several hours at a time...even when she gives me a new toy.

6. Socks and other laundry are not snack items!

7. Eating paper causes constipation which makes me grunt when I doo doo...

8. It is a bad idea to wake Mommy in the middle of the night when you are trying to steal her pillow.

9. Mommy's pillow is also not the place under which to hide bones.

10. If I am good girl while Mommy is gone, and pretend to be protecting the house (I say pretend, because I'm a chicken!), Mommy gives me many treats!

What are some of the things you all have learned???

Nubbily Wiggles,

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Mommy and Me

So this is my Veteran's Day blurb. I got the idea from my friend Peanut who talked about his daddy.
But first I have to say this: why does Mommy think it is so funny to take me places and dress me up? Today was the weirdest yet. Mommy took me to this big place with lots of people carrying bags of stuff and some places that smelled really good. Mommy kept calling it the mall. Then the security man told her that she would have to carry me or take me outside who kinda laughed when Mommy said she'd carried all 45 lbs of me. This made Mommy mad because the security guard implied that just because she's little, she's weak. She could have taken him! Anyways, so she carried me down the mall to these people who had lots of doggies. I was very excited until they put a red hat on my head, and a wreath around my neck. Then this big fat dude in red pajamas with a funny laugh wanted me to sit on his knee. They even tried bribing me with cookies, but I wasn't fooled. Finally Mommy got me to sit down buy his boots by offering me some carrots. Then a man took some pictures of us. Mommy said that the money she paid is to help the other doggies that were there that need Mommies but don't have one yet. And she says that I have to save the picture and not show you until it's closer to the holidays. Ok...whatever Mommy.
Now...about my Mommy. My mommy is a soldier. Every morning she gets up way too early and goes for either PT (physical training) or staff meetings. I don't like it because it means I have to wake up too. Mommy works very hard to stay in shape and sometimes works out again later in the day. Mommy hasn't had to go anywhere far away yet, or for any really long periods of time, but sometimes she has to go away for a weekend or the whole week. She says this is training for the really big trip that's coming up. She tells me not to worry and that while she's gone I'll go live with my grandparents and Uncle Bernie. Mommy likes being a soldier and she gets really mad when people are mean to soldiers. By the way Mr. Kerry, Mommy has 2 soon to be 3 degrees...I bet that's more than you!!! Who are you calling uneducated??? I don't understand a lot of it, but I know that grandma and grandpa are very proud of Mommy. So am I. It is the best to be an army dog! Angus's Mommy and Daddy are soldiers too. So are my God-parents. There are lots of soldiers around here. I love my Mommy because she's a good Mommy and because she's a soldier. Mommy is sad because many of her friends are over-seas and she didn't get to go with them last time. She sends them lots of yummy smelling boxes and prays for their safety every night! Mommy says her time to go is coming though so we have to make the most of every day. I don't want Mommy to go far away, but I know she is doing her job and while she'll miss me every day, she's doing her duty to defend this country and our freedom.
God bless America. God bless our troops at home and abroad. May God bring them home safely and with God's speed.
Happy Veteran's Day!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Mommy has started a new tradition in our house, and I'm already a fan!
She has dedicated Fridays as Puppy Bone Day! This means that I get a new yummy bison favorite treats of all time! Today I got a gargantuous one to kick this new tradition off right.
Mommy says it's as big as my head and that next time she'll get me a smaller one! I protest! This bone is just the right size. A big bone for a big girl like me!!!
Nubbily wiggles to all and I hope your mommies give you lots of giant bones!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's this white stuff???

What on earth is this???
I woke up about a week ago and there was this funny white stuff on the ground.

It was cold and wet and stuck to my nose. I loved shoving my nose in it and running around. Mommy must have thought it was pretty funny because she laughed a lot!

Mommy's been sick lately. She spent two days gone somewhere and I didn't get to see her. Then when she came home I had to be quiet and not squeak my squeakie toys too loudly. Mommy says she's okay now because they gave her funny pills that make her laugh a lot when the pain goes away.

The good news about all this was that I got to spend mucho time with my boyfriend Angus. Mommy said we were too young for sleepovers, though. Angus and I played in the white stuff and had a great time except for Angus's Mommy locking them out of their house. Oops.

I guess Mommy doesn't like the white stuff...she calls it snow...because we drovet down to UT this weekend to see grandma and grandpa and uncle Bernie. Mommy had to dress up in her funny army clothes. When we came back, the white stuff had disappeared. I'm sad.

Mommy says Saturday is a special soldier day. So kiss a soldier near you! If you're a cute boy, kiss Mommy!!! Happy Veteran's Day! And God Bless our Troops!

Friday, October 27, 2006

My busy life...

My new favorite thing is going for rides. I've always liked going for rides but since I got my doggie seatbelt, I love it sooo much more.
Now that I'm a big girl, I can see out the window and watch all the cars with other doggies go by. What's not to love???
Mommy has been very busy lately (and rudely taking my laptop to school with her so I can't log on) so I haven't been around for a while. But there have been some rewards to her neglect. For example, the pretty red collar that I got last week after puppy kindergarten.
And Mommy has been very generous with the bison bones lately too! I chew on them all day and it makes me very very happy!
Nubbily Wiggles to all...and have a great weekend! I will steal the laptop and write again soon!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Growing up

Remember me when I was this small?
Well I'm much, much bigger now...almost 40 lbs and 6 months old!
In fact, I'm too big for my little crate, so Mommy got me a doggy seat belt. She says it's to keep me safe when we go in the car. You can see the enthusiasm I have for the contraption during my first experience. I've since realized it's not that bad, and it does let me stretch out over the entire backseat and snooze long as I manage not to get myself tangled up in it!

And remember when I was this small?

Well, I've always loved pillows and until recently Mommy had not given me one of my own. Every night she would hog the whole thing and so I would have to climb on top of her head just to get a little spot on the pillow.

Well...Mommy finally wised up a bit, and got me my very own pillow to rest my head on. Now she sleeps on her pillow and I sleep on mine. And Mommy's a lot less grouchy in the morning too!!!

Do all of you have Mommies as silly as mine is???

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Into the Woods

Yay for puppydom!

I got to go with Mommy yesterday and her Army friends to the woods. I'd never been to the woods before. Mommy took me and we set up a little campfire and then her friends spied on us. They called it "recon", but I say they were spying. Mommy's friends were being graded on how well they spied on us, and Mommy said they did really good! Yay! I was quiet and didn't even bark when I saw them sneaking up on us. I didn't want to give their positions away! Hee, hee. Plus, Mommy kept giving me lots of treats and some of her friends (the ones who were grading) would come over and pet me. I like petting! And everyone kept telling Mommy how cute I am! I liked that part too. But silly Mommy forgot to charge her camera batteries but she says not to worry...we'll be going back to the woods soon and she'll be sure to get some pictures for all of you!

Then, when we were on our way home, Mommy gave me a big surprise! We stopped at my favorite puppy bakery for treats because she said I was such a good puppy! Yay! I like the white chocolate dipped peanut butter ones myself. mmmm...yummy in Ellie's tummy!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

a weekend puppy party!

I know, I haven't heard from me in FOREVER! But here I am! I was having some computer issues, and I tried to get Mommy to help me, but she couldn't figure it out either! Have no fear...Ellie's here!
This last weekend was a little scary. Mommy took me to the vet...and left me! My first thought was: Not Again! But then, I smelled something...PUPPIES! The vet gave me a looksie but then put me in the back to play with the puppies all weekend. Supposedly, us puppies are meant to hate this thing the humans call a kennel, but I had the time of my life! So many puppies to play with and so little time. It was like being at the bark park all weekend. I don't know where Mommy went, but it must have been important for her not to take me with her. And she was in that funny green uniform she wears.
When I got home I was very excited to see my Mommy. We hung out and had a fun time. Then I started rifling through some old photos and found one of Bernie when he lived with Mommy (before he lived with grammy and gramps). He used to love to sit on the edge of Mommy's bed and stare out the window with his blanket and his bubba while Mommy went to school. Mommy says I'm not trustworthy enough to be out of my crate while she's gone...maybe when I grow up a little.
And finally, here's a picture of me and Bernie last time I visited him. We love to snooze together! And of course, I can't snooze without my Cocoa! And so you all know, Bernie is doing great since we got some cooler weather. Grammy tells me he's running around and bouncing off the walls like his old self, before he got sick. I'm glad. I can't wait to see him again and run him ragged! That's what I do best!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

So many toys...

Grandma thinks I'm spoiled because I have so many toys! I think she's crazy. I'm not spoiled, I'm just well entertained! Hey, I don't chew on the furniture do I? I haven't run off with anything of hers or Mommies and chewed it to bits have I? No! And to be accused of being spoiled...well, I just can't have this nonsense! Mommy came home from this new work thing the other day with a bag full of new toys and grandma told her she had to throw out one old toy for every new one she gave me. Mommy tried to be sneaky, thinking I wouldn't notice, but I did! Mommy's on my side...a puppy can never have too many toys!
Oh well! Grandma goes home tomorrow. Mommy and I have to drive her down to Utah, which is long and I usually just sleep but it will be an exciting weekend because I get to paly with Bernie! Yay! It will make the whole trip worth it! Woohoo!
PS: did you notice the new box Mommy got me for my toys? She puts them in and I pull them all out, or when I'm in a hurry, I just dump it over as pictured here.
Nubbily Wiggles,

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Long time no see...ME!

Sorry pups!

I know it's been awhile, but things have been crazy here and Mommy has been hogging the computer. I don't know what's going on but she's either been hogging the computer, engaged in smelly jobs with grandma or gone all day! Mommy keeps talking about school. She tells me it's like my puppy preschool only she has a lot more reading to do. And grandma keeps changing the colors of the walls. The water rooms are now blue instead of that yucky pee pee color they were before. Despite the smell, they look good. Grandma tells me that Mommy's been working too! I don't know what this means exactly but she is gone for a long time some days and I sit at the door and whine or get put in my crate if grandma leaves too. Oh ya...I guess you figured out by now...grandma's visiting. This is fun for me! And grandpa came to visit too a couple days ago. They're here for a long weekend. My favorite part is that grandpa is putting a screen door on the back door which lets me look outside while Mommy is cooking me yummy treats!

Mommy's been good to me despite being so busy. She's worked in some extra trips to the bark park (I'm working on my aversion to seen above) and we've stopped at my favorite puppy bakery extra times too. Oh yes, and I met a new boxer puppy named Lulu. I will tell Mommy to get some pictures of us at the bark park. She is only 11 weeks old and almost as big as me! Today, I was very mad at Mommy because she went to the puppy bakery without me...I could smell it on her. Then tonight, she made up for it. She brought out two doggie ice cream cone cookies (mmm...yummy!) for my 5 month birthday! Yay!
I love my Mommy!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Mommy's Home!!!

First of all, Bernie wanted you all to know that he's doing better. It was a rough couple of days, but he's almost back to 100%. While he was sick, I took good care of him and watched over him and minimmized how much I harrassed him.

But now for the important part.
And she brought me toys...
I am learning how to play soccer or futbol as they say with my pretty new pink ball. Maybe my friend Cairo can give me a few pointers; I'm still getting the hang of it.
And you may have noticed my other new toy. His name is Cocoa. Did you notice he's a boxer, too?
The most important part of all this is that my Mommy is home! I missed her very much and I couldn't stop jumping up and down last night and kidney beaning around the house when she came in the door. I'm supposed to be taking it easy with my stitches still healing so Mommy picked me up and cuddled with me.
The ultimate reward:
Sleeping in Mommy's bed with her last night.
It's so much nicer than sleeping in my crate.
I'm off to take a nap with Mommy and Bernie...oh ya, and Cocoa too!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A prayer for Uncle Bernie

My Uncle Bernie is not well!

He's been sick for along time: a couple handful of bladder stones, a weak heart, and a growth on his spleen.

Well, Bernie's particularly not feeling well today. He's moving slow and doesn't want to play.

Please say a special Puppy Prayer for my Uncle Bernie that he will feel better and not be in any pain. Mommy is very sad because she is still in DC and she wishes she could be here with him. I try to tell her on that phone thing that it's ok, because I'm here with him and I'm keeping him company with grandma. Mommy tells me it might be time for him to go to the big kennel in the sky, and I don't really know what it means, but it sounds nice. I just want him to be able to play again without hurting. I love him very much and he's my favorite puppy playmate.

I will keep you all posted on how he does. (Shh...don't tell Mommy that I borrowed her laptop!!)

Nubbily Wiggles,

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tag! You're it!

Well, my friends Raisa, Cairo and Sam tagged me... three times in two days! Well Bernie and I decide to swap my accumulated "weird habits". I'll give you ten. He'll give you five.

Here are the rules: The player of this game starts by listing "5 weird things/habits" about yourself, then you "tag" five friends and list their names. Those who get "tagged" need to write on their blogs about their "5 weird things/habits", as well as state this rule clearly, then "tag" five more victims. Don't forget get to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

But before I confess my "weird things", I tag the following doggie friends: Charlie, Bogart, Cubby Charlie & Coco, and Bosco:The Chocolate Dog! Check out all their sites to see their confessions!

10. I have to take daily Beano so that I don't stink Mommy out of her house. It's a boxer thing.

9. I get the hiccups at least six-times a day

8. I know where Bernie's spot on the couch is, and I know how to steal it.

7. I dig at the pantry door for the chicken jerky treats.

6. I like to talk to Mommy on the phone.

5. I moan when Mommy cleans my ears. Or does anything else, I don't like. Mommy says it sounds like I'm being torchered.

4. I'm still learning how to jump up, so instead of jumping. I put my front paws on the couch or bed and swing my but back and forth until one of my back legs gets high enough to pull me up. Mommy calls it my boogie woogie dance.

3. Something really embarrassing...I grunt when I doo doo. Mommy laughs!

2. I step on Mommy's foot when I want her attention. When that doesn't work, I sit on it.

1. I try to chew on Bernie's dangle down parts when we play or smell his tinkle while he's still squirting the flowers.

Bernie's confessions:

5. I steal Ellie's toys even though I don't really like them. It's a power thing.

4. Don't tell her, but when she's gone, I really miss Ellie. When she had to spend the night at the vets, I spent half the day looking for her.

3. I'm not really afraid of the garbage truck, I act scared so that the humans will take pity on me.

2. I pee pee on certain plants so they won't grow. Ellie's mom taught me do that to zucchini which she hates!

1. I like to watch X-files!
All you all better dish it on out!
Double the Nubbily Wiggles, Ellie! and Bernie!

I miss my Mommy!!!

Today has not been a good day!
First, grandma took me to the see the puppy doctor. He checked me out and then he took me to a back room, and grandma left! Next thing I know...I wake up and my belly is hurting and I have a scary looking owie on my bellie. Something horrible has happened! And I keep hearing the word "spayed".


The doctor says I can go home tomorrow but I have to spend the night here with some other doggies to make sure that I don't get sick. I wonder if my Mommy will be back or if grandma will come back to get me. I am very sad and I miss Mommy and grandma and Bernie!

Wish me well that I get better so I can go home!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mommy's away and the Puppy will Play

Mommy is Washington, DC at the Smithsonian this week. She has to do research for her thesis, whatever that is. All I know is that it takes up a lot of her time. While she's gone I am staying with grandma and Uncle Bernie...
So first I played in the garden and made a big mess in the dirt. Then I decided to eat a spider but the dumb thing bit me on the lip three times and my mouth swelled up really big. Grandma had to give me Benadryl and then I slept the rest of the day.

Before Mommy left we went to my Aunt Carly's house and I got to see the birdie. I like the noises the birdie makes.

To end my day, Uncle Bernie and I cuddled up with my Grandpa and watched a movie. The green thing in the middle is Bernie's Bubba, which I like to play with...even though it's not mine!

Well, it's been a busy day...time to get some sleep before another busy play day with Bernie!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

at grandma's house

The first matter of business is to keep Uncle Bernie away from my food. He loves the taste of my salmon and bison meal food. Of course, what puppy wouldn't? Poor Uncle Bernie...he has to be on yucky diet dog food because he's gotten a little thick around the middle.

I love to eat grandma's flowers. They're super tasty and a light salad is the perfect thing to maintain my wonderfully girlish figure! Perhaps if Bernie ate more flowers he would be allowed to eat yummier food.

Of course every puppy needs an afternoon post-lunch nap, and I prefer to take mine on the stairs so I can be sure to not miss anything that might happen while I'm snoozing.

Uncle Bernie and I are always well behaved but we bust out our best moves when Mommy busts out the yogurt drops or freeze dried salmon snacks. MMM...time to go earn more treats, and harrass Bernie of course!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

We're Having' a Heat Wave

A Heat Wave blew into town last week...
Came from the isle of Martinique....

The only good thing to do during a heat wave is to sleep through it...

And on the odd occasion when you have to wake up,
Make sure to strategically place yourself in front of a fan!

At first I didn't like the way the fan blew my ears...but I decided it was better to have my ears blown than to be so doggone hot! Oh ya...and don't forget to bring a snack! I chose my favorite pigs ear!

And get your Mommy to feed you ice cubes.
It took some time, but I figured out the best way to hold 'em so I don't have to chase them all over the floor. Mommy started by putting them in my water bowl, but I just kept taking them out Mmm...Mommy loves me because she gives me lots and lots of ice cubes.

Tomorrow is a big day, too! I get to go back to my grandparents house and see Uncle Bernie. I'm very excited...and after perfecting our play technique, we are perfecting how much we can harrass grandma! Woohoo!

And thanks to everyone who sent Mommy notes to cheer her up!
Mommy is happy again!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

AHEM! Let me clear my throat!

Hello all! I need to express some thoughts on the following subjects...

No matter what Mommy insists, I do not snore. I am a beautiful, peaceful sleeper and sometime I cuddle too much, but I do NOT snore!!! This particular morning Mommy caught me back in her bed when she got out of the shower. I was sound asleep. Oh...and about that noise I make when she's gone...I believe they call it a "woo woo", well I've learned how to "woo woo" and Mommy thinks it's really funny. She's been sad this week so I "woo woo" for her to cheer me up and then she takes me to the dog park to hang out with our friends!

Do not let the tennis ball fool, you...I'm not that's that small! The ball is "puppy sized". And while I'm speaking my mind on things I might as well ask? What is so fun about you throwing a ball and me constantly chasing after it??? And if you throw it, why should I bring it back to you when I just know you're going to throw it again???

Attention all Mommies: if you leave toys where puppies can get them, we will take the initiative to play with them. Mommy got me this new rope toy for the beach, but when we got there it wasn't in the beach bag...I stole it out before we left and had flung behind the couch so she wouldn't notice.

Next...whey do I have to be clean??? I'm a puppy. To be dirty or not to be dirty is not the question! This was after we returned from the lake yesterday! Mommy and I were both covered in dirt guessed it...weekend bath time! At least the lake was fun!


I must say a word to the inconsiderate, to the rude, and to the cowardly...and in particular to the male half of the human species that fall in one or more of these categories!
It makes me really mad when Mommy is upset. If you are going to upset her...don't. I'm getting to be a big puppy now and I will deal with you in my own due course! (Grrrr...) Why do you have to be so mean to my Mommy? If you can't be nice...stay away! She's a good Mommy and she spoils me and loves me! Maybe one day she'll find me a daddy who can be nice to me AND her.

And to everyone else...I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I'm off to chew on my bison bone! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

At Grandma's House...

Sitting under the table with the pots and pans. They're all shiny so I can see my pretty self and stay close to Mommy at the same time!

I had to teach Bernie how to play, he was a quick learner and we were eventually playing like old friends!

Bernie and I drove grandma nuts running around her house barking at crashing into things.

The kitchen rug is a great place to nap, just like in keeps me in the way and under everyone's feet!! It was fun to visit grandma but I"m glad I'm back home with a little peace and quiet!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hello my friends!

Well, I've been nominated for a bloggie.

Vote for me on the Dogs With Blogs poll for the "awesome blog award"!

I appreciate all your support!! I'm so honored just to be nominated!

Oh ya...and now that Mommy and I are back home in MT I will be back to my usual self. I'll be posting some pictures tomorrow of Bernie and I before I left my grandparent's check back soon!!!

Nubbily Wiggles,

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You guessed it...
Time for another bath!
But this time it was for a good cause...

I donned a uniform, then
Mommy and I took a ride in the car,
and we arrived at work.
I played with my Godmommy and took over my Goddaddy's desk! I borrowed his computer to send a few emails out and update my blog.

After all this work...
I took a nap! I like Capt. Z's chair! It was nice and comfy and I ran away with Mommy's ACU jacket for a pillow.
Do you like my hat? It helps me blend in to the chair!!