Saturday, November 25, 2006

Let It Snow!!!

It snowed!!!
not much...but, it snowed!!!

Mommy took me outside and I ran around like a crazed puppy enjoying the snow and feeling the wet fluffy stuff in between my toes and burying my snout in it.
Then Mommy and I went for a walk down the trail by our house. I kept having to stop and wait for Mommy becuase she was slow. But I was a good puppy and didn't run too far ahead...mostly I just ran really big circles around her.
On our way home, I found these funny footprints in thes now and they lead to this grassy part where there was no snow. Mommy said that a deer must have been sleeping behind the house last night while it was snowing. Deer smell funny.
Thanksgiving was fun too. Although silly Mommy didn't get any pictures of it.
But I'll forgive her. First, a couple days ago, Mommy brought a new person (David) to the house. She doesn't do this very often because I don't like male hoomans very much...they're usually mean to my Mommy...grr... So, she went with David (whom I've decided to like) to somewhere and I didn't get to go. She said they had to have dinner with his family first. I was kinda put out about it. But then her and David came back. David played with me while Mommy cooked some stuff and then we went to see...
(and his Mommy Michelle and Daddy John)
There was another doggie there, too. He kept trying to do the nasty with my head. That was a new experience! Then, half way through dinner Mommy got really sick. She said it wasn't the food...I think she's too stressed!!! The girl needs to relax! So, David took Mommy home and she started projectile vomiting. I'm glad puppies can't do that! I was a good girl though, and layed at their feet while they watched a movie and Mommy tried not to be sick. Mommy went to bed early and...
...Now you know why there are no pictures of Thanksgiving!