Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!

Hello All!
I apologize for my hiatus from blogging! The holidays have been very very busy and time completely got away from me!
Christmas was great! I didn't really know what it was but there were these pretty boxes on a table in the living room. And last week Mommy started opening them! And there was one for me, too! Mommy's birth-mommy and her doggie, Roxy got me a hedgehog for Christmas. I was so you all know, I was crushed after I gutted the last one!
Christmas wasn't all peaches and cream though. Bernie and my grandparents were supposed to come visit. First, Gramma told Mommy that Bernie couldn't come. He needed to take it easy after he sprained his foot, so he spent Christmas with my aunt Carly. Then gramma and grandpa slid off the road on their way to MT on Dec 23rd. Mommy was very scared but they're ok. Gramma has some bruises, but Grandpa had to go in a big car with lights and noisy things cuz his neck hurt. The people vet said that he has a "slight neck fracture" whatever that means, but he only has to wear a funny collar for awhile, no surgery. He also broke his arm, dislocated his shoulder, some other stuff. But gramma says he's ok. So that's good! But they had to go back to UT and never made it to MT.
Mommy was going to be very sad for it be just us girls on Christmas, but of course, David took good care of Mommy. And while I had to stay home (which I wasn't all that thrilled about) at least Mommy got to be with David and his family. They are very good to her! I like David. I think Mommy should keep him for a long, long time!

For leaving me alone most of Christmas, Mommy made up for it with a brand new Bison bone. I was so happy! While she was away, I chomped and chomped. Then the next day...something very good happened! I got a new bed for downstairs! I've never had a downstairs bed, just a blanket. Mommy says I'm getting too big to fit under the couch so she wanted to give me somewhere that I could go, and be out of the way yet comfy! (A puppy's comfort is of the utmost importance!) At first, I wasn't sure about it, but now I feel it's almost as good as the bed upstairs that Mommy likes to hog...she just doesn't understand that a puppy needs her space to stretch!

Yesterday, I got a special treat! Angus and Riley came over. They moved a couple weeks ago and I haven't seen them since! The three of us are in my new bed sharing a bone! It was the perfect treat for the day!

Oh yes...and as for my New Year's Resoluations!

1. I will not wake Mommy up more than necessary to go outside in the middle of the night.

2. I will eat more bones and more food so I get to be a big strong puppy!

3. I will try to learn to like least a little more than I like it now.

4. I will not gas Mommy and David out of the dining room when they're eating dinner.

5. I will make more puppy friends!

6. I will not neglect my blogging responsibilities.

7. I will be a good puppy for Mommy and take care of her and protect her and love her and lick her and sniff her and share the bed with her and not steal her food and not whine too much while she's in the shower and not lick fresh lotion off her legs and not leave smelly poop pile presents in the kitchen and not gut another hedgehog...

ok...I think that will do!

Happy New Years Everyone and Everypup!