Thursday, September 07, 2006

So many toys...

Grandma thinks I'm spoiled because I have so many toys! I think she's crazy. I'm not spoiled, I'm just well entertained! Hey, I don't chew on the furniture do I? I haven't run off with anything of hers or Mommies and chewed it to bits have I? No! And to be accused of being spoiled...well, I just can't have this nonsense! Mommy came home from this new work thing the other day with a bag full of new toys and grandma told her she had to throw out one old toy for every new one she gave me. Mommy tried to be sneaky, thinking I wouldn't notice, but I did! Mommy's on my side...a puppy can never have too many toys!
Oh well! Grandma goes home tomorrow. Mommy and I have to drive her down to Utah, which is long and I usually just sleep but it will be an exciting weekend because I get to paly with Bernie! Yay! It will make the whole trip worth it! Woohoo!
PS: did you notice the new box Mommy got me for my toys? She puts them in and I pull them all out, or when I'm in a hurry, I just dump it over as pictured here.
Nubbily Wiggles,