Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Itchie Ellie!

Hi Pups!

Today Mommy came home from working out and she found me in my crate covered with blistering hives all over my tummy and legs! She gave me a little Benadryl, stripped my crate of its blankets and gave me a bath! All I want to do is lounge around and be a lazy puppy because of my belly hurts. Mommy used special shampoo in my bath but it still made me whine and groan and getting dried off was the worst!

Mommy wants to know if any of you get hives and what your Mommies do for you. Mommy wants to take me to the vet, but she can't right now because of her Army stuff. Which means the soonest she could take me is tomorrow morning (or to the ER vet tonight if she has to). Mommy doesn't like taking me to the vet for my hives though cuz all they do is give me Benadryl and send me home. So I lay in my green bed by the heat vent and moan (which Mommy would think is funny if I didn't have the hives!).

Mommy says it's time for the special lotion that will make my tummy feel better. I'm going to go get some of that! I'll keep you posted on the situation, but I think I'll take a nap for now!!!

Not so nubbily wiggles...
Itchie Ellie