Monday, October 09, 2006

Growing up

Remember me when I was this small?
Well I'm much, much bigger now...almost 40 lbs and 6 months old!
In fact, I'm too big for my little crate, so Mommy got me a doggy seat belt. She says it's to keep me safe when we go in the car. You can see the enthusiasm I have for the contraption during my first experience. I've since realized it's not that bad, and it does let me stretch out over the entire backseat and snooze long as I manage not to get myself tangled up in it!

And remember when I was this small?

Well, I've always loved pillows and until recently Mommy had not given me one of my own. Every night she would hog the whole thing and so I would have to climb on top of her head just to get a little spot on the pillow.

Well...Mommy finally wised up a bit, and got me my very own pillow to rest my head on. Now she sleeps on her pillow and I sleep on mine. And Mommy's a lot less grouchy in the morning too!!!

Do all of you have Mommies as silly as mine is???