Friday, June 23, 2006

Ellie's Hives

Mommy wanted to fill you all in on my hives situation... (and thanks to all of you who wished me "get wells" and "nubbily wiggles").

Mommy isn't sure how I got the nasty little hives but she felt really bad about it... I got lots of treats and extra play time at the park on Wednesday.

Mommy thinks I either got the hives from a couple bug bites I got Monday night or from some "pet friendly" cleaner she used where I pee peed on her carpet. She returned the cleaner and now lathers me with both sunscreen and bugspray before we play outside. Geez louise! I definitely never smell like a puppy!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Snoozin', Snoozin', Snoozin'...

I have realized my primary mission in life.
This is me in my crate. I snuck off to bed early last night while Mommy was reading. I like to sleep with my belly up, just like the loofah dog I'm laying nex to!

Here I am snoozin' in Mommy's papasan chair.
(She woke me up with the camera rude!)

And finally this is me laying on my blanket with my collection of toys.
Mommy decided I'd had too lazy of a day and made me wake up and go to the dog park. Sometimes Mommy is no dare she interrupt my sleep?

Okay, though, in all fairness, Mommy has to give me some credit.
You see, Tuesday I came down with hives...big time! They were filled with pus and blistering (sorry to be so graphic). So Mommy gave me Benadryl to make them go away, which they did and very quickly too. But just like Mommy, Benadryl makes me very, very sleepy. Hence... all the recent snooze time! Now I'm all better.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Weekend in Review

I was the star of my preschool class on Saturday!
I was so good, that the instructor asked us to come to another class so I canbe a model of good behavior
Of course, my being good might have something to do with the fact that Mommy took me to the dog park right before hand so I slept through most of class.
It's pretty hard to misbehave in your sleep!

Mommy wanted to show you all just how much I've grown
in the three weeks since I've been home with her.
June 19.2006
May 30.2006

These are my new Doggles! Aren't they snazzy? Don't I look cute?

Mommy says they're fore keeping the cotton out of my eyes at the dog park. I think she doesn't want to admit how good I look in them. I come!!!

Mommy says I have some over-dependency issues...

I don't know what she's talking about...

Here I am taking a nap on the bathmat, waiting for her to get out of the shower. What's wrong with never wanting to leave Mommy's side?

This is me with my friend Grizwold, he's a 6 month old English Mastiff.
I'm almost as big as his head!

After playing with Grizwold for awhile, I was really dirty.
Mommy wanted to wash me off in the stream, but I outsmarted her!
I walked acrosse this log instead!

What the picture doesn't show is me falling off the log and drenching myself in water.
I was shivering cold so Mommy took me to the car where my warm towel awaited me.
Then we went to the doggy bakery to get me a treat because I made Mommy feel bad!

Phew...what a weekend!!!