Thursday, November 16, 2006

More things I've learned

As a growing puppy, I learn new things every day. I'd like to share some of them with you.

1. When Mommy comes home from work, it is important not to smell her feet. The aroma does not tickle my sniffer as I had hoped and Mommy laughs when I run away.

2. When Mommy disappears into the shower, it is important to check on her every few minutes to make sure she's still hiding behind that shower curtain thing. I wouldn't want to lose track of her.

3. Snow is slippery. If I run too fast, my legs fly out from under me and I land square on my little nub.

4. When Mommy goes swimming in the bathtub, large quantities of soft bubble things appear which are fun to lick and sniff. If I hold my nose under water, I can make bubbles myself. Exhale only. Inhaling is bad.

5. If I kill a toy, like my hedgehog (which I maimed and gutted earlier this week), Mommy buries it in the tall skinny can in the kitchen. It makes her upset when I whine, sulk and pout at the garbage can for several hours at a time...even when she gives me a new toy.

6. Socks and other laundry are not snack items!

7. Eating paper causes constipation which makes me grunt when I doo doo...

8. It is a bad idea to wake Mommy in the middle of the night when you are trying to steal her pillow.

9. Mommy's pillow is also not the place under which to hide bones.

10. If I am good girl while Mommy is gone, and pretend to be protecting the house (I say pretend, because I'm a chicken!), Mommy gives me many treats!

What are some of the things you all have learned???

Nubbily Wiggles,