Friday, June 02, 2006

A busy day...

Thursday I had a very busy day! Here I am zonked out
after my first trip to the vet (where I weighed in at 5 pounds 0 oz),
& going to Mommy's unit to visit Capt and Lt. Z (my godparents).
The Capt. made fun of mommy for treating me too much
like a princess. Ha...what does he know?
My godparents have two spoiled boxers: Bubba (11) and Chester (7).

Here I am waking up from a nap after all the morning excitement.

For lunch Mommy and I went to my Aunt Carly's house.
I played with Angel the cat, and my favorite toy -- my green doughnut.
I can't wait til I'm big enough to have ball like my friend Cairo!

Getting a bath...

After Bernie and I's introduction, I had to get a bath. I squirmed when mommy put me in the water...bath's are not my favorite...I'd rather play!

Then I calmed down and let Mommy get me nice and clean. I smelled and looked just like the pretty princess I am.

After my bath Mommy wrapped me up in my puppy towel to keep me warm and I fell right to sleep in her arms. I love my new mommy!

Home sweet Home

I flew to my new home Wednesday arriving just after 1 a.m.
This is Me and my uncle Bernie meeting later that day
He and I are getting along just fine
except when I bite his legs and feet. I'm only playing
but he doesn't like it and barks at me.

Me and my mommy... she sure does love me.
She gave me lots of toys to play with and I love to follow
her everywhere she goes.