Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Mommy and Me

So this is my Veteran's Day blurb. I got the idea from my friend Peanut who talked about his daddy.
But first I have to say this: why does Mommy think it is so funny to take me places and dress me up? Today was the weirdest yet. Mommy took me to this big place with lots of people carrying bags of stuff and some places that smelled really good. Mommy kept calling it the mall. Then the security man told her that she would have to carry me or take me outside who kinda laughed when Mommy said she'd carried all 45 lbs of me. This made Mommy mad because the security guard implied that just because she's little, she's weak. She could have taken him! Anyways, so she carried me down the mall to these people who had lots of doggies. I was very excited until they put a red hat on my head, and a wreath around my neck. Then this big fat dude in red pajamas with a funny laugh wanted me to sit on his knee. They even tried bribing me with cookies, but I wasn't fooled. Finally Mommy got me to sit down buy his boots by offering me some carrots. Then a man took some pictures of us. Mommy said that the money she paid is to help the other doggies that were there that need Mommies but don't have one yet. And she says that I have to save the picture and not show you until it's closer to the holidays. Ok...whatever Mommy.
Now...about my Mommy. My mommy is a soldier. Every morning she gets up way too early and goes for either PT (physical training) or staff meetings. I don't like it because it means I have to wake up too. Mommy works very hard to stay in shape and sometimes works out again later in the day. Mommy hasn't had to go anywhere far away yet, or for any really long periods of time, but sometimes she has to go away for a weekend or the whole week. She says this is training for the really big trip that's coming up. She tells me not to worry and that while she's gone I'll go live with my grandparents and Uncle Bernie. Mommy likes being a soldier and she gets really mad when people are mean to soldiers. By the way Mr. Kerry, Mommy has 2 soon to be 3 degrees...I bet that's more than you!!! Who are you calling uneducated??? I don't understand a lot of it, but I know that grandma and grandpa are very proud of Mommy. So am I. It is the best to be an army dog! Angus's Mommy and Daddy are soldiers too. So are my God-parents. There are lots of soldiers around here. I love my Mommy because she's a good Mommy and because she's a soldier. Mommy is sad because many of her friends are over-seas and she didn't get to go with them last time. She sends them lots of yummy smelling boxes and prays for their safety every night! Mommy says her time to go is coming though so we have to make the most of every day. I don't want Mommy to go far away, but I know she is doing her job and while she'll miss me every day, she's doing her duty to defend this country and our freedom.
God bless America. God bless our troops at home and abroad. May God bring them home safely and with God's speed.
Happy Veteran's Day!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Mommy has started a new tradition in our house, and I'm already a fan!
She has dedicated Fridays as Puppy Bone Day! This means that I get a new yummy bison favorite treats of all time! Today I got a gargantuous one to kick this new tradition off right.
Mommy says it's as big as my head and that next time she'll get me a smaller one! I protest! This bone is just the right size. A big bone for a big girl like me!!!
Nubbily wiggles to all and I hope your mommies give you lots of giant bones!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's this white stuff???

What on earth is this???
I woke up about a week ago and there was this funny white stuff on the ground.

It was cold and wet and stuck to my nose. I loved shoving my nose in it and running around. Mommy must have thought it was pretty funny because she laughed a lot!

Mommy's been sick lately. She spent two days gone somewhere and I didn't get to see her. Then when she came home I had to be quiet and not squeak my squeakie toys too loudly. Mommy says she's okay now because they gave her funny pills that make her laugh a lot when the pain goes away.

The good news about all this was that I got to spend mucho time with my boyfriend Angus. Mommy said we were too young for sleepovers, though. Angus and I played in the white stuff and had a great time except for Angus's Mommy locking them out of their house. Oops.

I guess Mommy doesn't like the white stuff...she calls it snow...because we drovet down to UT this weekend to see grandma and grandpa and uncle Bernie. Mommy had to dress up in her funny army clothes. When we came back, the white stuff had disappeared. I'm sad.

Mommy says Saturday is a special soldier day. So kiss a soldier near you! If you're a cute boy, kiss Mommy!!! Happy Veteran's Day! And God Bless our Troops!