Saturday, March 10, 2007


I know I know...I've been gone forever! I miss you all, trust me.

Things have been a little crazy in my house. First, Mommy hogs the computer all the time working on her thesis and then if she's not working on it, she's gone, and I'm in my crate. I'm still working on my breaking out skills so I can use the laptop in her absence. Someone please tell Mommy how important it is that I get MY time too!

So here's an update...

Last weekend we went down to UT for Mommy's army stuff. Only this time was different. First, my hike was cancelled which made me very upset. Then Mommy packed the car in the middle of the afternoon (usually we leave when it's still dark out). I was confused, but Mommy had a plan. We drove down half way to UT and spent the night in ID in "puppy friendly" hotel.

At first, I wasn't sure about this cuz there were lots of funny smells, but then....I saw the bed! King size and all mine!!! Mommy sure does know how to treat a puppy!!! Woohoo! I don't think Mommy was happy when I kept waking her up though. It's not my fault there were lots of sounds that needed growling at in the middle of the night.

Of course, I was thrilled to find that it had snowed when we got back. The first matter of business was to put on my coat and run around the trail! Mommy and I had lots of fun...then she had to get back to her thesis thing again. I missed Bernie. We had a lot of fun last weekend and played together lots. He's doing pretty good for a man his age! Speaking of age...did you know I'll be one year old on April 2...that's really really soon!


So of course I've been a good girl lately. And Mommy was inspired my friend Cairo's V-Day blog. Cairo got some yummy shrimp for V-Day and she loved them! Well, Mommy got some shrimp to treat herself after all her hard work last weekend and she shared a couple bites with me! Mmm...It was so yummy! I love shrimp! Now anytime she busts out the shrimp, I come running! I haven't gotten anymore tho.

And last but not least was this morning...or I guess I should start with yesterday. Mommy had a really bad day, so after she got home from her workout she was crying and she climbed in bed and didn't move until 4 in the afternoon. And this was only to go to work. Good thing she had work! I was a good puppy and stayed by my Mommy all day! I didn't eat, or go outside too much, I just slept by my Mommy. She gave me a big dinner when she got home from work which I wolfed down.

This morning, Mommy woke up early, much to my dismay, and left the house. I wanted more cuddle time, but Mommy said she wanted a good start on today. Today is going to be a good day! Since this started with me getting up early and going into my crate, I didn't see how it was a good day...but I trusted my Mommy... then she arrived home with this!

Mommy had gone to breakfast and ordered a steak and egg breakfast with pancakes...And she brought some home to Ellie!!!!! Holy cow! What a way to start the day! And it nearly filled my bowl! Mommy said I was so good yesterday cuddling with her, that I deserved an extra special treat! And when I was done with my breakfast, she even let me borrow the laptop for a few minutes to paw out today's blog and let me visit a few of you! I hope you all are well! I'm off to take a nap!

Nubbily Wiggles, wiggles and more wiggles,
Ellie the Boxer