Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yay! Mommy's home! And that mean's I'm back!!!

Ok...so I only have a minute to blog cuz I'm so excited that MOmmy's home! She got home Saturday, and we have been playing lots. Today we are going to the park if it will stop raining. (Sure it doesn't rain in the last month until the day Mommy and I plan to go the park!) I have driven gramma nuts because I'm so restless, and there are some weird noises coming from the neighbor's house so I pooped in the living room yesterday (this did not make gramma happy!), but I was too scared to go outside.

I am just so excited that Mommy's home. We're staying at gramma's for a little bit longer then heading back to MT soon. Mommy says she doesn't really want to go back to MT because it's really really hot and no one has air conditioning. That sounds ok to me though, because that means Mommy will take me to play in the river, and even though I don't like water, I will make concessions when it gets hot enough.

Oh yes, and now that Mommy's home, she's no longer a cadet! She is very excited about this because she is now officially an Army Officer. She says she really likes her butter bar. I'm a little disappointed, the butter flavor was lacking when I tried to chew it off her uniform.

Nubbily Wiggles,
Ellie the Boxer


Peanut said...

I am so glad you are back. My grammie was just asking about you yesterday. Oh I don't know what else to say I am just so excited.

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Ellie...
Glad you are back too...we missed ya! Hey congrats to your Mom on becoming and Officer!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Cairo The Boxer said...

We have missed you lots :)

Stanley said...


Welcome back, girlie. Give your mama goober kisses from me to welcome her home. We sure missed you both.

Now that your mama is an officer do YOU have to salute her?

Goober love,

Fox's Mom said...

My catmom used to be a dogmom, but her 13 year old Boxer went to the Bridge, so she let me move in, now she's a catmom. But she still visits Boxer blogs, and I think I am gonna have a fur brother pretty soon, 'cause she always gets this funny look on her face when she sees a Boxer picture on the blogs...

She is old now, but she was in the Coast Guard a long time ago after they let women back in, so she said to tell your dogmom congratulations! And thank-you, thank-you very much for your dogmom being willing to serve. It is really good of you to share your dogmom with the country! Both of us will keep her and her fellows in our purrayers!